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An interactive multimedia training resource on selling mortgages and related general insurance under FSA regulation, to help mortgage lenders and mortgage intermediaries meet FSA training and competence requirements: initial disclosure, advice or information, product recommendation, pre application disclosure, illustrations, sales and customer care skills


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  • Need to induct new junior staff into the mortgage business?

  • Need to make your unqualified counter or telephone staff more pro-active?

  • Need to prepare more experienced staff for mortgage interviewer training?

  • Need a visual aid to support your mortgage interviewer courses?

  • Need refresher material for mortgage interviewer CPD?

Selling Mortgages is a multi-purpose training resource based on the practical experience of lenders and intermediaries, post FSA regulation of the mortgage and general insurance businesses.
It is designed to be used for all levels of staff, from

  • inexperienced counter and call centre staff requiring a basic understanding of the mortgage business
  • to qualified mortgage interviewers, supervisors, trainers
  • and also head office and other non customer-facing employees.

Selling Mortgages is modular with multi– pathway navigation, so that the material can be tailored instantly to a particular group or individual.

  • It can be used both as an interactive visual aid to support trainer led courses and for individual study.
  • It can be provided on media-rich CD-ROM with video or for online e-learning via your intranet.
  • It can generate records, so that you can demonstrate your commitment to the FSA’s training and competence requirements.
  • Selling Mortgages can also be personalised to your organisation.

Key Benefits

  • Realistic: Video drama of initial customer enquiry and an FSA-compliant mortgage interview
  • Highly interactive: fifteen multi-part interactive exercises
  • Tested: two randomised recordable tests, one for mortgage interviewers, one for unqualified counter and contact centre staff
  • Flexible: multi-user navigation allows use for pre-course work, individual study or to illustrate a trainer-led course
  • Practical: includes a variety of sales and customer care techniques
  • Detailed: supported by a dictionary of key terms and principles
  • One-off purchase: No annual fees, individual user fees or maintenance charges.

Flexible Navigation

Selling Mortgages has flexible, multi-pathway navigation, meaning that the material automatically tailors itself to the audience. At the start of the programme we ask users to identify what role they play in the mortgage process. Once they have done that, a pathway is created. Unqualified staff, for example, are restricted from accessing material that relates to mortgage interviewers only; they also get additional advice on their role and a final quiz reflecting this.

All users have a toolbar at the foot of the page which allows them to exit, go to the main menu, go back to the previous section or replay the current section.

All sections stop once they have been played, waiting for a Continue command. This allows trainers complete control. The Dictionary lets inexperienced users read a full description of mortgage products, interest rates, repayment vehicles, etc.


The Dictionary is a ten-part resource, linked to the relevant sections of the multimedia and covering:

  • FSA Regulation
  • Lenders & Intermediaries
  • Mortgage types
  • Responsible Lending
  • Arrears & Repossessions
  • Insurance Products
  • Charges & APR
  • Interest and Repayment Vehicles
  • Equity Release

selling mortgages exercise 1 selling mortgages exercise 2

Module 1: The Basics

  • FSA Regulation of Mortgage and General Insurance business (MCOB and ICOB)
  • What is a Mortgage? Origins, purpose
  • Lenders and Intermediaries, changes following the Building Societies Act; Advisors and Arrangers
  • How a Mortgage Works: capital and interest repayment, interest only, repayment vehicles, bridging loans, lifetime mortgages
  • Mortgage types and Interest deals
  • Responsible lending: income multiples, loan to value ratio
  • Arrears and Repossessions: mortgage shortfall, negative equity, sustainable borrowing
  • Insurance: buildings, contents, payment protection
  • Charges and APR
  • Identity and Money Laundering
  • Complaints

Module 2: Initial Customer Enquiry (includes video drama)

  • Advice or Information? Who can say what?
  • How to handle different types of customer
  • Overcoming objections, making appointments and screening
  • Scripted questions
  • Telephone enquiries
  • The internet and the Distance Marketing Directive
  • Records and Data Protection
  • Confirming the interview, credit records

selling mortgages exercise 3 selling mortgages animation

Module 3: The Mortgage Interview (includes video drama)

  • Welcome, agenda and IDD
  • Advised and non-advised sales
  • Affordability: explaining income multiples, loan to value, exploring customer circumstances, attitudes to risk
  • Interview techniques: open questions, active listening, fact— awareness– need—benefit—product
  • Flexibility and portability
  • Product Recommendation: FSA requirements— single best-buy product, reflecting customer’s situation and interests; rejections, switches between advised / non-advised interviews; records
  • Pre-Application Disclosure: illustrations, when to provide and to whom
  • Selling related insurance: disclosure, advised or non-advised interview, the Statement of Demands and Needs, policy summary. Risks customers face.
  • Techniques for Closing the Sale
  • Lifetime mortgages

Interactive Exercises

There are fifteen multi-part interactive exercises to test users’ understanding of the material plus two recordable tests, each of 20 questions taken randomly from banks of 50.



Selling Mortgages is provided in two versions, either a standard, generic package or personalised to your business as a mortgage lender or intermediary.

Personalisation can include:

  • Title screens and packaging customised with your logo
  • Content variations to reflect the nature of your business and marketing policy, relationship with insurers, etc*
  • Installation in collaboration with your IT department to generate user records, interface with a Learning Management System, etc.*
    * Cost subject to negotiation.

Generic Version:
Individual licence: single copy for 1 user only: £33 + VAT

Single copy, multi-user licence for one small location only: £395 + VAT
10 copies, licensed for use in organisation with up to 10 branches (or equivalent): £1595 + VAT

Personalised Version:
20 copies, personalised and licensed for use in organisation with up to 20 branches: £2495 + VAT
50 copies, personalised and licensed for use in organisation with up to 50 branches: £4995 + VAT
Other quantities by negotiation
These are one-off costs. There are no annual licence, individual user or maintenance fees.

Not exactly what you need?
We are delighted to produce video, multimedia and e-learning material to order. Please contact us for a competitive quote.

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