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Induction Courses

  • Let down at the last minute by senior managers who had promised to speak?
  • Looking to put some more life into your slide show?
  • Problems with managers who are “too busy” to join an induction course?
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Looking for an experienced, award-winning producer to create video, multimedia or e-Learning?

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Whether you are a bank, insurance company, broker or financial intermediary, building society or other mortgage lender, an interactive multimedia induction resource would provide you with:

  • An induction package that you can use either as interactive speaker support or as standalone, individual learning material for someone too busy or too important to attend
  • A media-rich presentation, using video, audio and interactivity to make a good impression on new entrants
  • Menu-driven flexibility to allow for speakers who fail to turn up
  • A modular, menu-driven structure so you can vary the course to suit particular locations or types of employee
  • Flexibility to cover a wide range of topics from general induction and health and safety to product knowledge and systems training
  • An interface with your company intranet so users can check for what's new
  • User tracking so that you can prove who was trained in what subjects; this can be essential for safety or regulatory issues.

What it could be

  • an interactive multimedia CD-ROM
  • a modular video DVD
  • e-Learning courseware to run online
  • or a combination of online and disk-based presentation and learning material

induction course resource schematic

What we would do for you:

  • Liaise with your IT department to see what your network will support, whether users can view media-rich content, and how participation can be recorded
  • Meet your senior managers to discover what they would like to say about their departments
  • Research and write a script
  • Set up a mini video studio at your offics and shoot interviews with the managers; having a studio allows them each to walk in, perform and leave, all inside a few minutes
  • Shoot and edit other scenes to illustrate what the managers have discussed and the work of your organisation in general
  • Design graphic sequences to illustrate other points
  • Record voiceover narration
  • Create and author disk-based and online e-learning elements
  • Design in features to allow disabled users to access the information
  • Interface with your Learning Management System or develop a simple User Database to record who has studied what

What to do next

  • Please contact us
  • Tell us about your organisation and the information you need to give new entrants
  • Tell us how you would like to use the induction package
  • Tell us of any limitations you know as regards your IT network and hardware

Then we'll give you

  • A proposal and costing, setting out the various options
  • A demo CD-ROM to show how the finished induction material might work


Are you a mortgage lender training staff to sell mortgages and general insurance products post FSA regulation?

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